Surf contest

Weekend Waiting Period – Saturday or Sunday May 4th or 5th

A historic ride

Surfers have flocked to Galveston beaches since the heyday of Texas Surfing in the late 60’s and we are excited to build upon this rich heritage. 


La Izquierda is a longboard surf event that celebrates style and promotes stoke in the Texas surf community.



The format of the event is based off the Eddie Aikau Invitational.  


Each surfer will surf 2 heats. The top two scoring waves in each heat will make up their total score.  

The leading participants in the Men’s and Women’s divisions will go on to surf a final to wrap up the day.  



Weekend waiting period

We’ll be keeping our eyes on the waves to see which day of the weekend the surf contest will commence, either Saturday the 4th or Sunday the 5th. The following schedule will roll out on the day the surf is best:


Mens Division

Womens Division

SUP & Groms

Volunteers Needed

Help us out on the beach!  Get free goodies and SO much love and appreciation when you sign up to volunteer for a shift.