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May the 4th be with you

Save the date for Izzy Fest 2024 — May the 4th weekend. 

We’ve got Galveston’s only surf competition, a killer lineup, activities, food, and beer from Galveston Island Brewery.

It’ll be an out-of-this-world event for y’all beach and music lovers, so stay tuned and see you there!

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About Us

La Izquierda Fest is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the communities of Galveston and the Gulf Coast through surf, the arts, and fostering local culture.


For the past five years, through Save the Locals and La Izquierda Fest, La Izquierda has brought local and regional artists to help our community celebrate and connect over art, music, surf culture and the preservation of our natural waters and beach habitat.


catch the vibe

We're better together. Come hang at a concert or join the team!


We've got the juiciest calendar of events for you! Check out the schedule for the summer concert series dates.


Make some waves behind the scenes and have a blast while doing it. We need all kinds of skill sets. Are you in?


We absolutely adore the kind-hearted folks who support us with both financial and in-kind sponsorships.


Community building is what we're all about. Let's team up and make some wonderful things happen together!

Email info@laizquierdafest.org to get involved

What People are SAYING

"You get to share a fun space with a group of people who want to be part of a greater community. You often run into the same people each time, but you also meet new people. Last year I met someone new to the area, but we hit it off and he ended up helping me organize a field trip for my environmental science students at the Coast Guard base where he works. Great time and good people!"

Kaitlin Buhler

"Growing up, my parents took me to the summer band concerts across from the Rosenberg library every week. La Izquierda is exactly the same, just with a different generation of music, of parents, and of children. Seeing friends gather to enjoy the summer nights in a place where they let their kids safely run and play, all the while enjoying an incredible array of music, brings me back to my own memories."

Michael Niebuhr

My favorite memory from La Izquierda is from year one. The festival is special to me for so many reasons. I’ve done surf competitions in Texas from a few different organizations, and La Izquierda really gets everything right. With the music, food, and friends, it feels like a coming home party even though the majority of us live here. [My daughter] Dacey nailed it. It's a family reunion.

Luke Smith